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Welcome to the Celebrity Stylists Union, a part of Bectu's Fashion UK Branch. The first Union of its kind for Fashion Professionals. We hope you will find this website useful and full of resources you can apply to your working practises.


Here, you can discover everything about Bectu and your Union, and keep updated on the latest developments. You'll also find valuable guidance and support to assist you on your journey.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Please find PDF & Audio download links to our initial presentations made in May 2023. Here you will find out all about us, how we started as well as what we are trying to change.




Please find a brief explanation below of the documents/templates we are in the process of producing as a Union:


Deal Memo: A short form contract between the Stylist (or their agent) and the Commissioning Party. The deal memo contains the rate, expenses, number of outfits required, payment terms and cancellation policy.


CSU Guide to Good Practice: A short form document that quickly and clearly breaks down the Stylist's working processes, timescales, costs as well the rate. In brief, the CSU Guide to Good Practice is there to help Clients understand what it is we do, how long it takes and how much it costs. As we grow this docuemnt will change and grow with us. The guide is clearly numbered which allows the Stylist to reference sections they need in the Deal Memo.


Guidance: The Guidance document is the encyclopaedia of Celebrity Styling, and describes at length how the job is done. There are two Guidance documents, one for Stylists and one for Clients. Suitable for new and experienced Celebrity Stylists, the Stylists Guidance will describe in detail how to do the job, and include topics such as invoicing, budgeting, agents and brand deals. The Client's Guidance will cover every sector of Celebrity Styling and describes in detail how each job and working process is done, to help the Client easily understand how we work as professional Stylists. Topics to include bookings, moodboards, sizes, expenses, fittings & returns. 

Rate Card: A document for clients that details the bare minimum Union approved rate for each type of job. Rates are based on the Stylist's experience. In order to build a rate card we must survey as many different types of Celebrity Stylist as possible to decide amongst ourselves what the bare minimum we are willing to take for each specific job is.



Our first published document is called the CSU Guide to Good Practice. It clearly breaks down all of the Celebrity Stylists working processes, timescales and costs involved to complete the job.


It is an educational piece and serves to inform; a short-form explanation of what we do as Celebrity Stylists, and is to be sent with every deal memo.


Each sector of Celebrity Stylist will have their own guide. Should your sector wish to have your own guide, please do contact us.




UK-based Celebrity Stylists can join the Union by heading to 


Please put ‘Celebrity Stylist’ as your Job Title / Grade and ‘Fashion UK’ as your Branch. If you have any trouble with the website please contact and we will get our Official to help you.




We will be sending news of all future updates via the Newsletter.

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